On behalf of all the members, lecturers and supervisors of the Doctoral School of Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Debrecen, I would like to welcome you. This doctoral school represents a new stage in the cross-faculty science organisatio, education and research activities of our institution, which offers a broad spectrum of training. It represents a new form of cooperation between the faculties of Medicine, Science and Technology, Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences and Nutrition, in order to ensure the supply of new specialists to the Hungarian and international industry and research institutions, but above all to the university. By collaborating on a wide range of research activities, not only do we offer students the opportunity to explore traditional scientific areas (food, pharmaceuticals, health) but also new topics that are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, such as the relationship between the quality of life and nutrition, or the relationship between healthy eating and sporting activities.

Research on nutrition is becoming increasingly important in the prevention of obesity, diabetes, digestive and vascular diseases. Their link with food quality represents a growing proportion of the world's research in this area. Particular attention in research is given to the existing nutritional problems of the pharmacy and food categories, which in part raise issues of these specific drug therapies in nutrition science, drug-food interactions and specific diseases.  The University of Debrecen has unparalleled opportunities in this field through its cooperation with international partner universities.

To support these ideas, we have well-equipped laboratories, a wide-ranging library, and an extensive network of international contacts in that city, which can also enrich our programs.

Food, food production, transport, storage and food safety present a number of new challenges that have to be addressed with scientific solutions. The scientific approach to nutrition for different age groups, including the elderly, or the reduction and recycling of food waste, healthy drinking water quality are also key areas that offer exciting research and social engineering work.

These and similar challenges are being tackled by the scientific community that has formed around our Doctoral School at this University. We hope that the reader will be interested to ask further questions, which the officers, staff and supervisors of the Doctoral School will be keen on answering. Our colleagues have previous experience in other Doctoral Schools.

Let us continue to develop our interconnected disciplines in this dialogue for the benefit of our own well-being, the university and the country. In this way, let us promote this initiative, which is still unique in Hungary, let us make it a success and set an example for others.

Thank you for your attention!

Prof. Dr. Zoltán Szilvássy, Professor, Head of the doctoral school

Updated: 2022.03.10.

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